SME Interviews

Sit down interviews are the hallmark of news and documentary production. They are efficient and insightful because they are interactive, unlike lectures or training presentations. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are asked about the ‘how to’ but also the ‘why do.’ This captures the experiential comments of knowledge transfer that are not found in documentation.

Raw content is cataloged and ready to be finished into targeted content for sequences or search and learn libraries.

Show Your Work

Onboarding new employees is often delivered as a firehose of information. Micro-learning is a better way. Combining adult learning theories with modern marketing automation, micro-learning will get new employees doing their job the first day. Learning is completed incrementally while job aids are delivered through drip campaigns and QR resources where tasks are happening.

Teach with a Story

There is no better way to teach than to show and tell learners through the power of a story. These productions feature interviews with experts, b-roll of engaging visuals, and content that will produce lasting memory connections.

Great learning experiencing should motive and inspire action.