capturing key institutional knowledge

Rapid Knowledge Transfer Services

Capture and protect vital institutional knowledge.

Protect What Your Team Knows

Everyday your company is loosing vital institutional knowledge. We can help you capture key knowledge and convert these assets into job aids, customer outreach, employee engagement and more. Don’t wait for the next resignation.

Contact Rapid Knowledge Transfer Services and rest easy knowing that what your team knows is a click away.

How We Do It

Rapid KT is built on speed, relevance of the content and continuous improvement. We start by identifying key subject matter experts and align production resources with strategic priorities. The result is a focused content production schedule that can delivery results in clear micro-learning containers instead of waiting for slow program development cycles.

Of course, there is much more under the hood. Rapid KT has over 20 years of professional experience and a team of producers.

Most SME content is collected through Zoom meetings. The cost is low but viewer engagement is to. Knowledge transfer is only successful if viewed adopt the content.

Collecting Knowledge

This example shows how we can transform SMEs interviews into content that learners. will want to watch. The design of the content also allows for search and learn functionality that will help drive adult learning models.

Engaging Viewers

Collecting the knowledge is step one. Connecting visuals to support engaging learning experiences is the next step.

Show and tell is the most effective sharing strategy when you need to move knowledge quickly. Content includes action footage, photography, animation, simulations, and staged scenes. Any or all of these techniques can be used to activate learning by inspiring the viewer.